2011 Under the Fold

This new series of work represents an experimental foray into the area between my two-dimensional drawings on paper and my recent spatial installations which incorporate techniques such as projection and drawing directly onto the walls and floor. It is a playful attempt to bridge the gap between the “white page” and the “white cube”. By folding, curling and cutting holes in the paper, I am aiming to transform the flat page into a miniature three-dimensional space with which the figures appear to interact: a fold becomes the perfect hiding place, a hole becomes a window for a quick escape route. Partially hidden, figures tumble over curves and hide around corners, with the potential to disappear from sight at any moment.

Under the Fold, Ink on Paper, 2010, 30 x 19cm
Under the Fold,...
Caught Up In It, Ink on Paper, 2011, Approx. 30 x 30 x 20cm
Caught Up In It...
Crawl Away, Ink on Paper, 2010, 25 x 50cm
Crawl Away, Ink...
Pefect Hiding Spot, Ink on Paper, 2010, 25 x 50cm
Pefect Hiding S...
curl up
curl up
Curl Up (detail)
Curl Up (detail...