Artist Statement


Kim Anderson Image 12

     Close observational drawing has always been at the core of my

     practice. Through my drawing I am able to peel back the

     protective layers I display to the outside world and undertake

     an extremely personal journey of intense emotional scrutiny,

     exploring my deepest responses to the world around me.

     In attempting to capture not only the physical attributes of a

     subject, but also the less tangible emotional aspects, I

     repeatedly explore themes such as the physical manifestations

     of a mind in turmoil, the relationship between the psyche

     and the landscape, minute structures of the body and

     environment, the traces we leave upon the world and the

     imprint it leaves upon us. While there is a consistent tendency

     towards intricate detail, I am also constantly trying to

     challenge my drawing practice by incorporating translucent

     materials and unconventional modes of display, and by

     exploring the transformative effects of light and scale upon

     traditional drawing techniques.


     The meticulous and physically laborious nature of my drawing

     means that process plays a very significant role in the creation

     of my work. Regardless of scale or subject matter, whether

     permanent or ephemeral, private or public, my creative process

     becomes a feat of physical and mental endurance - line after

                                                                                                            tiny line on a wall or a page, an exhausting, exhilarating and

                                                                                                            painstakingly meticulous act that takes on various aspects of a

                                                                                                            journey, a meditation, and in some ways a search for